The Top 8 Restaurants and Diners in Magnolia, Texas

If you're on the quest for the best places to eat in Magnolia, look no further.

Published: 2022-12-07 09:51:32

Magnolia, Texas is a small town just west of Houston that is rapidly growing. With its close proximity to the city and abundance of charming amenities, it's no wonder this little town is becoming a hot spot for new businesses and residents. If you're on the quest for the best places to eat in Magnolia, look no further, as we've created a list of the most reputable restaurants and diners to visit in Magnolia. 

Rancho Grande Bar & Grill 

Rancho Grande Bar & Grill is at the top of our list for its unique Tex-Mex dishes, attentive service, and lively atmosphere in Magnolia, Texas. Located on FM 1488, Rancho Grande is an ideal stop for family dinners or a night out with friends. The menu includes classic Mexican fare such as burritos, enchiladas and tacos served in generous portions. 

Magnolia Diner 

This classic diner has been a staple in Magnolia, Texas for decades. With its homestyle cooking, local favorites, and generous portions, the Magnolia Diner is an attractive option for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You can expect to find all of the usual diner fares like pancakes, burgers, and salads on their menu. 

Las Fuentes Mexican Restaurant & Bar 

This authentic Mexican restaurant in Magnolia, Texas is known for its delicious, homemade dishes. The menu includes a variety of traditional Mexican favorites like enchiladas, fajitas, and tacos. If you're craving a refreshing cocktail with your meal, the bar offers an extensive selection of tequila-based drinks as well as craft beers. 


Tressie's Country Kitchen is a local favorite for its home-style cooking and warm hospitality. This cozy eatery serves up delicious Texas classics like chicken and dumplings, chicken fried steak, and blackened salmon. The wait staff is friendly and accommodating to all diners. 

The Meating Place BBQ

The Meating Place BBQ is the go-to spot for Southern-style barbecue in Magnolia, Texas. This family-owned business offers traditional smoked meats like brisket and ribs, as well as sandwiches, salads, and sides. The restaurant also has a full bar with beer, wine, and spirits to accompany your meal. 

Pengus's Place

Pengus's Place is a relaxed eatery that serves up diner favorites, British specialties, and of course - Tex-Mex cuisine. The menu features dishes like burgers, sausage rolls, extra-large pancakes, steaks, and chops. The restaurant has an inviting atmosphere with outdoor seating and live music on the weekends. 

Magnolia Thai

The Magnolia Thai Restaurant is a great spot if you're craving Thai specialties. The menu features classic Thai dishes like Pad Thai, Curry, and Fried Rice alongside signature recipes. The friendly staff will help you find the perfect dish to satisfy any craving. All of their ingredients are fresh, organic, and locally sourced for the best flavor and quality. 

Louisiana Fish House

Louisiana Fish House is the spot for seafood lovers in Magnolia. This casual eatery offers a wide selection of local and imported fish, as well as burgers and chicken dishes. The menu also includes classic Cajun favorites like gumbo, jambalaya, and poboys. Be sure to try their signature shrimp gumbo and fish tacos!

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