Best restaurants in Gardner, Kansas

The best eats that this town has to offer

Published: 2023-07-05 09:26:56

Gardner, Kansas, is home to some of the finest restaurants in the Midwest! With an abundant cornucopia of cuisines representing a range of cultures and flavors, Gardner features restaurants that will make your want to come back. From classic American dishes like burgers and steak frites to international fare such as Thai curries and Mediterranean specialties, the town has many options. Read on to learn more about the best eats that Gardner has to offer. 

La Carreta 

La Carreta in Gardner, Kansas, is a Mexican eatery that has been serving delicious dishes since 1978. The menu is full of classic Mexican favorites like tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and more. There are also plenty of vegetarian options for those looking to watch their diet. The restaurant’s salsa bar is the perfect place to customize your meal with an array of homemade salsa recipes. La Carreta is a great spot for lunch or dinner and offers an enjoyable atmosphere for friends and family to share a meal in. 

Planet Sub 

Planet Sub is a local favorite when it comes to delicious sandwiches in Gardner, Kansas. The place is known for its unique style of sandwich-making, with freshly cut vegetables and flavorful sauces. The restaurant also offers a variety of delicious sides, such as chips, coleslaw, potato salad, and baked beans. Whether you’re looking for an easy lunch option or something special for dinner, Planet Sub has many options to pick from. The restaurant is easy to find, located right at the corner of Main and Center streets. 

Asian Moon Bistro 

Asian Moon Bistro is an excellent place to get Asian fusion food in Gardner, Kansas. The restaurant specializes in various delicious dishes from across the continent, including Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Korean cuisine. The menu features a range of starters, entrees, and desserts. From signature dishes like General Tso’s Chicken to popular stir-fry options, Asian Moon Bistro has many options. Their attentive and friendly staff are always on hand to ensure that your dining experience is the best. 

China Taste 

China Taste is where most locals get their Chinese food in Gardner, Kansas. The place is known for its delicious and authentic Chinese cuisine. The restaurant offers a variety of traditional dishes from different regions in China, ranging from Sichuan to Cantonese-style cooking. The atmosphere at China Taste is cozy and inviting, with warm lighting and soothing music playing in the background. Customers can enjoy their meal in an intimate setting, with seating for up to 20 people. 

Trails Cafe 

Trails Cafe is another must-try spot for excellent food in Gardner, Kansas. This restaurant is known for its high-quality homemade dishes, served in a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The menu includes breakfast classics like omelets and pancakes and more unique items such as huevos rancheros, migas, and chorizo burritos. For lunch or dinner, the restaurant serves hearty sandwiches like turkey burgers with avocado and bacon, as well as salads and other lighter fare. In addition to the items on the regular menu, Trails Cafe also offers daily specials. 

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