Top museums to visit in Franklin, Tennessee

From modern facilities full of interactive exhibits to intimate galleries where you can learn about city heritage

Published: 2023-06-18 10:12:39

Franklin, Tennessee is known for its small-town charm and rich history. With so many fascinating historical sites to see and explore, it's no wonder why visitors come from all over the country to experience Franklin, Tennessee in person. But of all the amazing things this city has to offer, one thing stands out: its incredible museums. From modern facilities full of interactive exhibits to intimate galleries where you can learn about city heritage, these are some of the best museums to visit on your next trip to Franklin. 

Carter House 

As one of the most important sites of the historic Battle of Franklin, the Carter House is a must-see museum for any history buff. Originally built in 1830, the home and surrounding grounds were occupied by Confederate troops during the battle and now serve as a living memorial to those who lost their lives. With a wide range of artifacts from both sides of the conflict, you can get a unique glimpse into the history of Franklin and the Civil War. 

Lotz House Museum 

Originally built in 1858, the Lotz House Museum is another important site of the Battle of Franklin. Here you can explore a wide array of Civil War artifacts and learn more about the battle itself. The house still looks much like it did during the 1860s and features period furniture, art, and other interesting objects from that time period. Guided tours are available, and visitors can even take a look at the bullet holes left behind by Union soldiers during the battle. 

Williamson County Archives and Museum 

Located on Main Street in Franklin, Tennessee, the Williamson County Archives and Museum is a great place to learn about the city’s unique heritage. Inside you can explore an extensive collection of artifacts ranging from Native American pottery to Civil War documents. With interactive exhibits, interesting displays, and regular special events, this museum makes for a fascinating day trip. 


This 1864 Civil War battle site is now home to a museum full of artifacts from the conflict. Here you can learn more about the Battle of Franklin and see displays of weapons, uniforms, and other objects used during the fighting. Guided tours are available, which provide visitors with an up-close look at some of the most important sites associated with this battle. 

Gallery 202 

This small, but mighty art gallery is a great place to learn more about the city’s vibrant culture and creativity. With rotating exhibits of works by both local and international artists, Gallery 202 offers visitors a unique look into Franklin’s art scene. There are also classes and workshops available for those who want to explore their own creative side. 

Carter Gin Site and Park 

Another former battlefield in Franklin, Tennessee, the Carter Gin Site and Park serves as a reminder of the city’s history. Today, visitors can explore the interactive exhibits, take guided tours of the grounds, and learn more about this important part of Franklin’s past. With its scenic trails and peaceful atmosphere, this is also an excellent place to spend a peaceful afternoon outdoors.

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